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SET eCommerce Email Marketing 1.0: a proven system to improve your traffic, conversion rates and sales. Trusted by 300+ stores, and counting...

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Finally, an eCommerce email marketing system that generates more orders and grows your sales, Completely on Autopilot

  • Even if... you've struggled with Email marketing in the past
  • Even if... you're new to Marketing Automation (or even eCommerce)
  • Even if... you're frustrated with low ROAS on Facebook & Google
  • Even if... you're thinking "Automation won't work for MY store"
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Marketing Strategy Labs - Tools, Teams & Training for eCommerce Email Marketing Success

Hi, we're Marketing Strategy Labs.

You may know us from the Shopify community, where we're considered one of the "recognized eCommerce email marketing experts"

Shopify Community Expert Accpted Solution

Our ideas are routinely accepted as solutions in the community, like here and here.

As you will see in a minute, we have developed a full-service eCommerce email marketing and growth system for eCommerce companies.

A system that works better than any other marketing system on the planet.

It's a tall claim, and you might call it outlandish, but that's not even the surprising part.

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Mobile eCommerce Email Marketing System

Introducing an eCommerce Email Marketing System That Works

We looked at thousands of stores and talked with hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Dropshippers, Manufacturers, Print-On-Demand Stores, Mom & Pop Stores, Travel Stores, Jewelry, Beauty, Fashion, we covered them all.

We discovered that between 80-90% stores don't use any email marketing automation at all.

If you're one of them, this presents a massive growth opportunity for you.

For the first time ever, we're integrating eCommerce Email Marketing system with a comprehensive Store & Traffic optimization system.

It makes it the most comprehensive business development program on the planet.

The best part? The strategies in the system can be implemented either by yourself by watching our step-by-step video tutorials, or you can hire our team to help you.

Here's what's inside of the new eCommerce Email Marketing system 1.0

eCommerce Email Automation

Turn Your Store Into a Money Making Machine

Strategies that work to improve the customer experience, as they visit your site and the store
eCommerce Store Audit

Engage More Visitors For Higher Conversions

Automation sequences that turn more visitors into customers through the buying journey
Improve Your Store Traffic

Drive More Traffic From Hundreds Of Sources

Generate traffic from the web, social, affiliates and partnership with other online stores

SET Method = Store, Engagement & Traffic

Here's a sneak preview of how we grow your eCommerce store with SET eCommerce Email Marketing 1.0
eCommerce Shopify Store Optimization

How to Optimize Your Home Page

  • Why several links in navigation don't work anymore... and what type of links work 10x better.
  • The #1 mistake 99% of people make with their hero section (and how to avoid it).
  • How to arrange collections, such as Featured, Best Seller to increase sales of your most profitable products
  • And many more such ideas...
ecommerce marketing page optimization

How to Generate More Orders On Your Product Pages

  • Why "product description" fails. And the REAL way to use images to increase orders.
  • The exact step-by-step checklist we use to increase conversions on every product page (hint: this method comes from two of the most popular customer psychology books of all time)
  • 30+ real life examples of product pages
ecommerce reduce cart checkout time

How to Reduce Checkout Time & Increase Cart Value Per Order

  • How "Unknown Customer Method" helps you increase your profits in the long run..
  • "The No Money Downsell": our new go-to strategy for helping customers while increasing cart value per order
  • 22+ add-on product ideas that work with almost any type of store and very easy to include in your cart
shopify apps to improve customer experience

How to Use These 3 Must-Have Apps In Your Store To Reduce Returns & Exchanges

  • How "Unknown Customer Method" helps you increase your profits in the long run..
  • "The No Money Downsell": our new go-to strategy for helping customers while increasing cart value per order
  • 22+ add-on product ideas that work with almost any type of store and very easy to include in your cart

We Optimize eCommerce Stores on these platforms

ShopifyBig CommerceWoo CommerceWIX StoresMagento eCommerce

Next Level eCommerce Email Marketing

The ultimate list of 100% automated emails that you need to grow your business
Engage New Visitors

Engage New Visitors

Welcome Flow is the most important email sequence to introduce your brand to prospective customers
Convert More Buyers

Convert More Buyers

Turn subscribers into paying customers for the first time with this pre-sell framing email sequenced
Reduce Buyer's Remorse

Reduce Buyer's Remorse

Pre-arrival emails, sent after order processing and before product arrival helps build good anticipation
Upsell Again, Fast

Upsell Again, Fast

This method helps you get more orders even before you ship the original order to increase value per order
Make a Happy Customer

Make a Happy Customer

Your customers will feel important with this repeat-buyer email sequence, that grows loyalty even more
Re-engage Lost Buyers

Re-Engage Lost Buyers

Our win-back sequence is designed to get new buyers that don't return within 30 days, to order again, soon
User Generated Content from Loyal Customers

The Brand Ambassadors

Turn happy customers into loyal brand ambassadors with this user generated videos email sequence
Re-engagagement email flow

Break-Up Email Flow

Even when the buyers haven't engaged for 180 days or more, use these emails to bring them back
Transactional Emails for Marketing

Every Email Can Sell

Transactional emails such as "forgot password" can be used to make an offer that uplifts order value

But wait, there's more...

The two most important parts of a high-performance ecommerce email marketing system
Broadcast Emails to generate more sales

Broadcast Emails To Sell More

Use any hashtag or promotional campaign from our 365-day eCommerce marketing calendar to sell more products or to announce a new launch
Cold Emails to Increase New Subscribers

Get New Buyers From Cold Emails

Never emailed a list before? No Problems...
Use our proven 7-email cold email success formula, guaranteed to create new buyers from nothing

We Automate eCommerce Email Marketing on these platforms

Klaviyo Active CampaignMailChimpGetResponseSendgrid
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What gets measured, gets managed

Peter Drucker, father of modern management
Run omnichannel marketing campaigns at scale, with our unique digital footprint system for tracking, analytics, reporting across devices, messaging channels and platforms.
eCommerce Shared Audience with Facebook Pixels

Shared Audience Data & Journey

Our comprehensive 32-point digital footprint checklist helps you create unique custom audiences across multiple channels. Use it to target the right customer at the right time, with the right message on the right device
Analytics, Tag Manager & Segmentation

Analyze & Optimize Marketing Spend

Use our 30+ custom eCommerce dashboards to track everything from page-speed to winning customer segments for re-marketing. Award-winning reporting dashboards use the power of Big data to produce real actionable insights.

We use these tools to track, analyze and optimize your traffic

Google AnalyticsFacebook Business ManagerGoogle Tag ManagerHotjarGoogle Data Studio
We Keep It SimpleWe focus on results

You're In Happy Company

"After we implemented the eCommerce automation flows with Marketing Strategy Labs, we cut down our advertising budgets by half, and our sales have increased by 135%, almost magically!"
Roberto Villasana, Founder of Kushed Candles & Kronic Releaf - CBD Infused Candles, Oils & Gel
Kushed Candles
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